Different Types of Rings for Women

For Women’s Equality Day, rings can make a meaningful impression on the special lady in your life. Whether she is a girlfriend, a sister, or a close friend, the various design options available with rings can make them one of the most tasteful gifts you can give. When shopping for the right ring, consider some of the following options and what type of message they send.

Antique Rings

Typically, a ring is defined as having an antique design if it is more than 100 years old. As of 2022, rings designed in the 1920s would be considered antique rings. These are perfect gifts for collectors looking for decorative pieces from a bygone era.


Bands are simple rings with no additional stones or adornment. All types of metals and materials are available in the central design of such a ring. Silver rings, in particular, make excellent options for bands, as their sleek, unassuming design provides a marriage between contemporary and classical designs. They can be an elegantly understated gift, ideal for those who prefer a more muted look.

Birthstone Rings

It can be a significant gift to those who have an avid interest in birthstones and crystals. As the name implies, birthstone rings are rings that feature a specific birthstone as the centerpiece of their design. These stones are typically used to represent a birth month, either the wearer’s or their family’s.

Cluster Rings

If you want something with a more opulent design, a cluster ring can be an excellent choice for an eye-grabbing centerpiece. These rings are designed with a primary stone at the center, surrounded by smaller stones. Different types of stones can get featured in such a design, and particularly bright colors are recommended for a remarkable statement.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings can be unparalleled in their classical elegance for those who regularly attend opulent social events and gatherings. Historically, these rings symbolize wealth and power, worn by women during America’s Prohibition Era. Typically worn on the right hand, these rings are meant for special occasions and not everyday use.

Puzzle Rings

The puzzle ring can be an incredible piece of engineering to gift to a wise woman in your life. Some rings do not need heavy stones or lavish metals to make a statement. These rings are made with interlocking bands that can be manipulated, taken apart, and reassembled.

Spinner Rings

Spinner rings can be excellent gifts for those who enjoy a more tactile experience with their jewelry. They feature at least two bands: one locked around the finger and the other layered atop the first. The second ring is looser, allowing it to spin and move in place.

As with any such purchase, be sure to consider individual tastes and desires. Get as much information about the recipient’s tastes as you can if you plan a surprise purchase. Collaborating with your receiver is strongly recommended as well, as it will help you find a gift that will last for years to come. You can check out the exclusive collection of rings and jewelry at Silpada.

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